Nitty gritty of Dissertation writing

While enrolled for a PhD the scholar’s main activity would be submission of thesis which consists of dissertation writing. This is the culmination of the research work done by the scholar in a presentable form. Thus even if the research is of ground breaking work, if it is not documented and presented well it will not impress the judging committee. Thus it is a very important aspect while pursuing a masters or doctorate.

To start with, dissertation writing will look like a very big and a daunting task to complete. But with a lot of available time and proper planning the task could be successfully accomplished within the deadline. There are a number of workshops held by colleges and universities to facilitate scholar’s dissertation writing activity. Also the guidelines and requirements of the various universities can be different.

It is essential for a student to pay attention to every small detail and really try to get into the heart and soul of the project that he or she is dealing with. Only then can they do complete justice to what they are working on.

The major steps in Dissertation writing are selection of the research topic, reading and researching on the topic, documenting the research and presenting it to the committee. Selection of a topic should be such that it consists of a new idea or theme or adding to research work already done before. The supervisor or guide will help you in this activity. Reading up includes literature searches, background reading etc. The methodology for research needs to be planned and devised. The guide would typically assist in this activity. Both qualitative and quantitative methods could be adapted for research data collection and analysis.

When most of research work is complete you could plan for dissertation writing. The guidelines that need to be followed in dissertation writing should be properly comprehended and followed. A writing schedule should be maintained. At the end of writing, the same needs to reviewed by a critical reader. If there is any feedback the same needs to be incorporated. After final edition of the dissertation the same needs to be printed and bound. Finally it needs to be presented to the dissertation committee to get accepted.