Things to check while proofreading a dissertation

A dissertation is a stepping stone to success for every student. In the process of completing your post-graduation studies, each student must successfully complete a dissertation and therefore, it has a lot importance in the academics of higher education. Students often get overwhelmed during the dissertation writing process and they spend the last few nights before submission rigorously writing the dissertation. In their attempt to complete the work on time, many students often end up writing with a lot of mistakes and not following the required guidelines. This leads to loss of important marks and can also lead to rejection of the dissertation if it does not meet the quality standards of the particular university. In order to ensure that you are submitting a flawless dissertation, you must proofread your work before submission. Spare one entire day or 2-3 days if possible before the submission to only edit and proofread your dissertation. This will give you time to rectify your mistakes and submit a good dissertation without any flaws.

Points to check while proofreading:

  • Grammatical errors like verbs, tenses, prepositions, verb and noun agreement, etc.
  • Spelling mistakes and use of the right words in the right places
  • Accuracy and consistency of each word, sentence, paragraph and chapters
  • Numbering of all the images and the right labelling for all diagrams
  • Correct table of contents and using the right page numbers
  • Use of right terminology – Many universities have a fixed rule for use of jargons
  • Maintenance of formatting guidelines in all the content and references
  • Headers and sub-headers’ font, size, and capitalization

Students must check all these points and ensure that they are satisfied before the submission of their dissertations. Professors check for errors minutely in the dissertations and students have a higher chance at success if the dissertation is error-free!

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