The Significance of Literature Review in Your Dissertation

Literature review refers to the secondary research work that is done by other scholars and has been already published. After you have set the basic expectations of readers in the Introduction section about what you are going to do in your work, it makes sense to identify and review the secondary literature that is relevant to your research. The review of literature is an important part of your dissertation as it serves as a theory base for your readers. This comprehensive chapter in your dissertation should include a factual and critical overview of the historical work.

A good literature review offers a contextualized base to your research as it’s about secondary sources only and not about your work. In context of this review, your work can later be analyzed when you create your Discussion chapter. A well-researched literature review lets the reader know about your awareness of the activities going on within your area of research. In this section, you should state your understanding of major theories that are basic to your work so readers can relate your work to these. Your credentials are displayed through a nice review and readers understand what you are proposing to work on. It makes them go through your dissertation seriously.

The literature review section also allows you to ground your work in the historical literature and that offers significance to your work. The way you can do this is by pointing out the aspects that were not covered in the previous researches but would be covered in your work. There is great care required while pointing this out as you should not be too critical about those researches or be too blatant while mentioning any inadequacies. Your readers may get irritated as doing it often will make your purpose transparent. So, just mention both sides of the coin at a few places only.

Doing a good review of literature also shows the aspects on which your work is original. If your review is comprehensive, it would clearly reflect any duplicate work, as well as the unique aspects of your research. Thus, structuring a literature review is critical to your work. If you face any issues categorizing works or structuring this section, you may choose to go for some professional dissertation services, such as, for receiving help on this and other related aspects while writing or editing your 

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