Some Tips on Editing a Dissertation

If you have decided to edit your dissertation yourself, there are a variety of aspects to be considered in order to make it look excellently presentable and readable. Editing a thesis is no less than writing and developing it. Your dissertation may hold a great value for you, as well as your university. So, some of the tips mentioned here might work for you to make the editing task smoother. Before you start on with editing your dissertation, you should go through your university’s guide toward formatting and styles, as well as its dissertation policies and procedures. This helps you understand the exact expectations your university has from your paper.

Your university guidelines may provide details on the way your entire document should be treated from writing through professional binding. The university’s publication guidelines may be found in its formatting and style guide. Check all such resources you have obtained from your university so you could ensure to follow the guidelines while editing too. Even the dissertation editing service providers, such as, might ask you about your university requirements if you get your paper edited from them.

The next thing you can do is to make your default settings on the program you are using to type and edit your dissertation. After going through the university guidelines, you would know what font size and style to use, what paper and page margins to keep, how much line or paragraph spacing to give, what styles to use for headings and subheadings, etc. Thus, these details can be preset on your software program so you do not need to alter them repeatedly. But, do take care to make the required changes if any rule applies differently to certain parts of the document.

In addition, you should make the paper completely error-free in terms of grammar, punctuation, structure, citations and referencing, and text and table formatting. Believing that you are editing the dissertation yourself because of having an excellent command of the language, do not ignore even the spaces present in the document. Keep a good eye on the minutest of details. In case you are unsure of professional style manuals and there is a university requirement for one of these to be followed, you may either opt to take the help of online resources or go to a professional editing services provider. If you choose the latter option, there would be several choices with you to get your document reviewed by an expert editor.

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