How to Edit Your Dissertation Effectively

Do you write in such a way that you do not ever stick to your point? Have you backed up your claims with enough research material? If you have answered in the affirmative to these questions, then you should be aware that your dissertation needs editing. Here is how you should edit your dissertation effectively.

Review every part of your work

Have your outline plan with you at all times. Make sure you go through your work as a whole. Also ensure that you have developed a clear action plan and an argument in response to the title of your dissertation. In other words, the title of your dissertation should match the content of the same. If your title is not appropriate then do not hesitate to rephrase or completely change your dissertation title. Have you already defined the keywords and the key concepts early on? If not, then you would need to do so now. Try to imagine someone from your family, who has no knowledge of what you have written, reading your thesis and edit it accordingly.

Review Each Section

Make up titles for each section and check whether each of the points you have written are directly relevant to your dissertation. Does all the content written by you belong in this particular section? Highlight anything that needs to be placed in a section different than the one you have placed your content in.

Review Each Paragraph

Since each paragraph introduces a new idea related to the idea you want to communicate, you would need to review each and every one of them. Also make sure you review each and every sentence in the paragraphs too. Keep in mind that each paragraph has to introduce a new idea, failing which your thesis or dissertation would not be that effective.

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