Essentials of MLA and APA citation style for research papers

There are different formatting styles that are prescribed by the universities for the research scholars. These formatting and citation styles are important to make the research reports free of bias or cultural difference that may come due to influence of the individual writers and authors. The different citation styles available to the students are Chicago, MLA, APA etc. APA and MLA are two most famous citation styles that are generally prescribed by the universities.

The importance of following APA or MLA citation and formatting style are many for research scholars. First, it adds to a standard format to the thesis. Second, it also adds value to the research papers by providing set guidelines which all the research scholars are supposed to follow.

The formatting styles like MLA and APA also adds to the uniformity of the research reports. It also becomes easy for students to follow a particular rules and guidelines.

Both MLA and APA formatting style also add value to the research papers by ensuring that all parts of the research report are properly labeled, formatted, spaced well with header and footer. There are also guidelines for work cited and reference pages which makes it easy for students to cite the work cited.

Therefore, MLA and APA formatting and citation styles are important and research scholars must ensure that they adhere to the rules of the citation style as per their university preference. They can also refer to their guides or professors when they are confused between the two citation styles and do not know which would be better for their research paper.

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