Editing or Proofreading – Which One to Choose?

When you prepare your research papers and dissertations/theses, you may want them to present flawlessly. If you choose to go for a professional editing service provider to review your documents, then you are generally given an option to choose between the editing service and the proofreading service. While both may sound the same to you, there is actually a difference in the way your document would be edited under these services. In a broad manner, you should go for proofreading only when you have written the paper very well and it may not require content checks and improvement.

The proofreading service takes care of your content’s grammar, spelling and typographical errors. It also takes care of the linguistic anomalies like those that exist because of the difference in American and British English styles. Your sentence structures are also corrected under proofreading. A professional proofreader corrects all basic linguistic styles. In addition to all such corrections, an editor will also take care of your content’s accuracy and provide related suggestions on improving your content. Under the editing service, your content is reviewed for the overall readability and presentation.

Editing not only focuses on the basic linguistic errors like proofreading does, but it also targets to correct the flow of language and its accuracy. Editing is a more detailed review of your paper as compared to proofreading. An editor focuses on making your work consistent, clear and comprehensive. Editing offers clarity to your presented views along with the correction of grammar, format and styles. If you feel you require a detailed linguistic analysis of your work, then go for editing services. Else, proofreading is sufficient when you are an effective writer yourself. It will take care of the basic skips you would have made throughout the paper.

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